๐Ÿ”„Fuse Ecosystem Round


This information is for Fuse Ecosystem Round Participants. If you participated in rounds via Poolz Finance or Infinity Pad, please refer to the respected launchpad for information about claiming.


  • Connect your wallet using wallet โ€” the same wallet you used to participate in the Fuse Ecosystem Round(s).

  • The round that you participated in will appear with a โ€œclaim buttonโ€.

  • If you participated in more than one round, you will see claim buttons for each.

  • Click claim and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  • After clicking claim on one of the pools, another screen will appear showing how many tokens can be claimed immediately and how many tokens can be claimed thereafter as part of the daily vesting.

  • Click โ€œclaimโ€ and confirm the transaction in you wallet.

  • Finally, you will see a screen that asks if you would like to add the VOLT token to your wallet. If you choose not to do this, it will need to be done manually or else your token balance will not be visible in your wallet.

We are super excited to have the Volt token launched and will continue to provide our community with more opportunities to grow alongside us. Thanks for participating!

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