๐Ÿš€ Launchpad

As the first-ever token launch platform on the Fuse Network, Voltage Launchpad is set to welcome projects aiming to join the growing Fuse ecosystem.

Allocations and Phases


In the Voltage ecosystem, loyalty and commitment are rewarded. By staking your $VOLT for veVOLT, you show your support for our platform and increase your allocationโ€™s size.

A snapshot of every userโ€™s veVOLT balance will be captured a few days before the official launch. Then, users can connect their wallet to the Launchpad page on our site to check their allowed allocation amount before the launch date.

Users with no veVOLT will receive a capped allocation significantly lower than those holding veVOLT. The more veVOLT you hold, the larger your allocation (up to a project-specific cap). This system is designed to benefit our most dedicated users, providing them with better opportunities.

EX: for every 10,000 veVOLT, a user may be eligible to buy $10 worth of the projectโ€™s token


The token launch process on the Voltage Launchpad is segregated into three well-defined phases: Deposit, Withdrawal, and Launch, each playing a crucial role.

Phase 1: Users deposit funds depending on the available allocation

Phase 2: Users Withdraw their purchased tokensโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠA brief phase for price correction, users unhappy with the TOKEN-VOLT pairing ratio may adjust their VOLT stake. Penalties are in place to dissuade rate manipulation.

Phase 3: Launch (7 Days)โ€Šโ€”โ€ŠThe final phase where users can trade their VOLT tokens for the Launchpadโ€™s token up to their pre-defined allocation. Those tokens will then be locked for a short period until trading starts.

Advantages of the Voltage Launchpad

  • Efficient Price Discovery: By staking VOLT tokens and actively participating in the launch, users have the potential to achieve significant gains.

  • Fair Distribution: The phased approach ensures an equitable distribution of new tokens to all participants.

  • Transparency: The token launch process is both transparent and auditable, reflecting the commitment to integrity.

  • Liquidity Provision: By depositing tokens into a liquidity pair on the Voltage Finance DEX, liquidity for all newly issued tokens is ensured.

  • Incentivized Participation: Users have the opportunity to earn bonus tokens throughout the launch, adding to the value proposition.

Supercharging innovation

The Voltage Launchpad is poised to supercharge the Fuse DeFi ecosystem. By introducing a robust platform for emerging projects to secure funding, it not only fosters innovation but also empowers active community members. These members are presented with golden opportunities to benefit from early-stage ventures and experience hypergrowth. In essence, the Launchpad is a catalyst, bridging visionary projects with a community eager to propel the future of DeFi.

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