Our core team has an internal roadmap that we believe will greatly benefit Voltage. However, our community DAO holds the ultimate authority on significant decisions impacting protocol interactions. VOLT serves as a governance token, empowering holders to cast votes on community-driven proposals.


Community members can submit proposals at forum.voltage.finance until we establish our official DAO platform. This forum facilitates discussions, allowing members to delve into proposal details and seek clarifications. Core team members may elevate certain proposals for voting. If a proposal garners substantial support, it will proceed to a vote on https://snapshot.org/#/voltagefinance.eth.


The fate of proposals lies in the hands of veVOLT holders, who vote to determine their outcome. Our designated voting platform is Snapshot, accessible at https://snapshot.org/#/voltagefinance.eth

Dive deeper into the veVOLT mechanism here 👇


In the Voltage ecosystem, loyalty and commitment are rewarded. When you stake your $VOLT for veVOLT, you're not just supporting our platform but also amplifying your rewards & getting governance power.

Your veVOLT balance will be calculated based on two factors:

  • The amount of VOLT you stake

  • The Duration you lock your VOLT in staking

Please note: to qualify as a voter for any Snapshot proposal, you must maintain a positive veVOLT balance when the vote commences. This ensures that one cannot merely purchase VOLT tokens to influence an active vote, minimizing potential manipulation by large stakeholders and flashloan users. For a vote to be ratified, it must secure a quorum of at least 1 million votes.

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