Our core team has an internal roadmap that we feel will benefit Voltage the most as we get to see under the hood daily. Our community DAO will have the final say on major decisions that affect how everyone interacts with the protocol. VOLT is a governance token that will allow holders to vote on community proposals.


Community proposals can be posted on until we establish our official DAO platform. The forum is where members can discuss and clarify the scope of the proposal with questions. Proposals may be brought up for voting by core team members. If they gain sufficient traction the proposal will be brought to a vote on


Proposals will be voted on with VOLT to decide the outcome. Our voting platform is Snapshot and can be found here at​
  • Each xVOLT token held in a wallet at the time of snapshot equals 1 Vote
  • Each VOLT token in a wallet at the time of snapshot is worth 1 Vote
  • If you are farming the top 5 farms on Voltage Finance based on volume you will receive 1 Vote for the VOLT that make up your LP tokens.
Please note: To be an eligible voter for any proposal on our Snapshot, you must have VOLT or xVOLT at the time the vote is started. This means that you cannot simply buy VOLT tokens to vote on an already ongoing vote, and is meant to reduce the risk of influence by whales and flashloaners. For a vote to pass and become binding, it must gain a quorum of at least 1 million votes.
Last modified 1yr ago