This page will clarify the distribution and emission schedule for VOLT token.

Token Distribution

The token distribution follows a fixed supply, decaying emission model. Use the chart below to further understand how the total supply was allocated.

Several private rounds took place over the first months of the project where 17% of the Tokens were allocated to VCā€™s and private participants. These private rounds have a 108 week vesting period.

All tokens are distributed according to the emission schedule. That means that the Team and advisors fund, Partnership and LP provision, Foundation fund, Developers fund, and community incentives (LP rewards programs) have a 260 week vesting period.

The Community incentives and Partnerships and LP provision funds were created in order to incentivize and grow the community around Voltage finance. In the near future, the Voltage DAO will be deciding over those funds.

Emission Schedule

Below is the emission schedule for the total supply of VOLT tokens. This gives everyone a transparent view of every pool and when each allocated amount of VOLT will be accessible by each pool.

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