Voltage - Your Defi hub on the Fuse Blockchain
Voltage was created to give anyone access to a powerful suite of defi tools from an all-in-one application that is also conveniently accessible on any smart device.

Tools on Voltage

↔️ Swap
Trade between tokens with our automated market maker (AMM) exchange.
🌽 Farm
Stake LP tokens into Farms and earn VOLT & wFUSE tokens in return
🚩 Stake
Stake VOLT to receive veVOLT tokens granting you governance power & a share of the revenue generated by Voltage distributed in VOLT. Stake FUSE with liquid staking (sFUSE) to get a high APY in FUSE to benefit from auto-compounding and the opportunity to participate in other DeFi opportunities using the same staked tokens!
🌉 Bridge
Bridge tokens from multiple outside blockchains