Stable Coin Swap

Below is a guide on how to use our Stable Swap:
1.) Navigate over to the Voltage Finance "Swap" tab.
2.) Here you will see 2 options “Swap” and “Stable Swap”.
3.) Click the “Stable Swap” option and notice how the drop-down menu features 2 pools you can swap between. In pool A, users can swap between BUSD, USDC, and USDT.
4.) Select the 2 tokens you want to swap between. The amount you are swapping only needs to be entered on the asset you currently hold. The amount of the second asset will automatically be calculated.
Just as you would in the original swap, and verify that everything looks good in terms of price impact, slippage, etc. Please verify that the amount of tokens you will receive is correct prior to approving and signing the transaction.
As we continue to expand our list of tokens on-chain, we will more than likely add a few more stable coin pools to swap from, and/or adjust the current token pools we offer. This will be a decision made by our DAO.
Use the stable swap whenever you are on the Fuse network looking to swap stable coins in order to make a payment in a client's preferred token, or for any other reason you see fit!